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I recently attended Rayney Wong’s Property Millionaire Program preview talk. Having attended a couple of these by various different gurus, I expected a fairly long sales pitch. A typical preview talk usually begins with the guru impressing you with his/her long string of successful investments, or about how many properties they own, although they never break down how many are fully owned or just co-owned (perhaps just a 5% or 10% ownership?).

To digress a bit, I can also buy a bunch of REITs and brag that I own dozens of different commercial properties… I just might conveniently leave out that I only own 0.01% of each! Then they usually go into all the things you can learn if you sign up for their seminar, and it ends with a hard sell of how if you sign up by TODAY you can get a very special price.

Anyhow, to cut a long story short, I was pleasantly surprised by the information value of Rayney’s talk. The majority of the talk was on his views about the property market (fairly negative on residential especially new launches, more positive on commercial and industrial), what you must “know” before buying real estate (property, seller, contract), and how he analyzes different deals.

Personally I picked up some interesting nuggets on commercial property, especially on HDB shophouses. Did you know that HDB shophouses are considered pure commercial property, even though there might be a residential component (e.g. a shop downstairs and flat upstairs)? So even foreigners can buy those without restriction! The rental yields can be quite attractive as well.

Rayney also mentioned that if there’s an upcoming correction then we should focus on high end residential properties as they are the most volatile (i.e. highest profit potential), which I agree with. He also spent some time comparing Singapore’s high end property with that of a very famous US city, and I was surprised to find out that the high end properties there are trading at US$200-400 psf, up to 60% below building cost! I’m not a big fan of investing in overseas properties, but have to admit that the potential opportunity is intriguing.

Of course, the whole point of all these previews and free talks is to get you to sign up for a paid seminar. At the end of it Rayney goes through what you will learn in his 2 day $1,888 seminar, and encourages you to sign up if you’d like to learn more and join his property network. There is no hard sell. Rayney is both passionate and knowledgeable about property, and given his conveyancing background, is able to go into some of the technical intricacies, such as how to use a company as a property investment vehicle.

Rayney has kindly sponsored 1 free ticket for to giveaway in a lucky draw – click here if you’re keen to enter it and win a ticket to the seminar worth $1,888.

Rayney is holding one final preview talk on Wed Aug 3 (7 to 10pm) before his Property Millionaire Program on August 27 and 28. For the budding property investor, I think the preview talk is worth attending just for the educational content, and of course if you’re keen to learn more you can always sign up for the 2 day program.

About Rayney Wong

Chief Trainer, Rayney Wong is a lawyer, property investor and author of the bestseller Secrets of Property Millionaires. A lawyer by profession, he has been practicing Conveyancing and Real Estate Law for over 23 years. As his great passion has always been property investment, he has over the years assiduously acquired a wealth of experience and knowledge on the “dos” and “don’ts” of buying and selling properties.

Details of the final preview talk

What you’ll learn:

  • Strategies to invest in a softening market
  • How to do a thorough property analysis

Date/Time: Wed Aug 3 from 7pm to 10pm

Venue: Blk 190 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh #02-510, Singapore 310190 (Opposite HDB Hub; next to Multi-Storey Car Park)

Organiser: M Academy Pte Ltd

How to register for the final preview talk

To register, please SMS name, contact number and the date of the talk (Aug 3 2011) to 9668 1737 or 9632 9820, or email details to

Please don’t forget to mention that you found out about this via – we don’t get paid anything if you do so, but it will help us ask for more freebies to give away to our members in the future.

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