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We’ve managed to secure one free ticket to Rayney Wong’s upcoming 2-Day “The Reunion Seminar”, which will be held on the 27th & 28th Aug 2011 (Sat/Sun) @ Grand Park (City Hall) from 8.30am to 8.30pm.

During this seminar, Rayney (one of the experts featured in Secrets of Singapore Property Gurus) will cover:
1. Timing your entry into the property market
2. How to thoroughly analyse property deals
3. The “3 Knows” in every property investment
4. Why we should use an investment vehicle to buy property
5. How to co-own properties effectively
6. Know how to fully use a mortgage to grow rich
7. How to start your property investment portfolio with little money & little experience

We’ve organized a Lucky Draw to select the winner of this ticket worth $1,888 (that’s how much you’ll have to pay to join it otherwise). To maximize your chances of winning the ticket you can do the following to get additional entries into the contest:

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It’s super easy to enter the draw. Just click the “Join giveaway now” button below to get started (you’ll need to connect your Facebook account to participate).

The Lucky Draw will end on Fri Aug 19 at 12pm and the winner will be selected after that. Don’t Miss This Opportunity to Learn From An Experienced Property Investor!

About Rayney Wong

Chief Trainer, Rayney Wong is a lawyer, property investor and author of the bestseller Secrets of Property Millionaires. A lawyer by profession, he has been practising Conveyancing and Real Estate Law for over 23 years. As his great passion has always been property investment, he has over the years assiduously acquired a wealth of experience and knowledge on the “dos” and “don’ts” of buying and selling properties.

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