Post image for Refinancing your Mortgage: A Mini Guide for Homeowners

Refinancing a mortgage is one of the most crucial decisions a homeowner can make. And unless you have been living under a rock, there are many reasons you should go for refinancing: there is an opportunity for obtaining a lower interest rate; a shorter term on the mortgage; the opportunity to turn home equity to […]

Post image for Will the Upcoming Supply Cause Property Prices to Fall?

By Mr. Propwise In an interesting and contrarian report, Dr. Chua Yang Liang of Jones Lang Lasalle argues that the surge in upcoming supply will not cause property prices to fall. In this article I will sum up his arguments and add some of my own thoughts. Recently several property analysts have been arguing that […]

What the Negative Swap Rate Means For You

In a surprising development, the Singapore dollar Swap Offer Rate (SOR) turned negative for the first time on August 10th due to inflows into the Singapore dollar. In this article we’ll explore what the SOR is, why it turned negative, and what impact that has on the banks, borrowers and depositors. What is SOR? SOR […]

Notes from the Property Millionaire Program Preview Talk

By Mr. Propwise I recently attended Rayney Wong’s Property Millionaire Program preview talk. Having attended a couple of these by various different gurus, I expected a fairly long sales pitch. A typical preview talk usually begins with the guru impressing you with his/her long string of successful investments, or about how many properties they own, […]

Are You Being Penny Wise, Pound Foolish?

By Lau (guest contributor) (Or in Singapore terms, Cents Wise Dollar Foolish) Recently I had sent a friend home and went up to his apartment for a short 20 minute drink. As Murphy would have told me, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong: Saving the trouble of tearing a 50 cent coupon cost […]

Will Interest Rates Go Up Soon?

By Mr. Propwise Many people are concerned that the current low interest rate environment in Singapore could end by the end of this year, driving up the cost of mortgages and putting pressure on the property market. In this article we take a look at how interest rates in Singapore are determined, and where they […]

New Book: Mortgage And Grow Rich

by Alfred Chia (guest contributor) Alfred Chia, CEO of SingCapital, has just published a new book on using mortgages wisely. In this article he shares with us what the book is about and his reasons for writing it. Most of us have been brought up to believe that borrowing is a bad thing. To many […]

Is it a Good Time to Borrow Money Now?

With interest rates in Singapore close to their all-time lows, it may feel like a good time to go out and borrow money. Certainly the buoyant housing market can be at least partially attributed to low mortgage rates which increase the affordability of a property purchase. In this article we’ll take a look at where […]

Ask Mr. Propwise #4 - SIBOR vs SOR mortgage loans

Have a question about Singapore property? Ask Mr. Propwise (AMP)! Hi Mr. Propwise, Can you elaborate on the SOR? I’m about to sign up for an SOR tagged home loan. Is this likely to rise more or less compared to an SIBOR tagged loan? Thanks in advance Mrs. Tan Hi Mrs. Tan, This is going […]

UPDATE: Summary and impact of the latest property measures

It’s all over the media – the government has just announced another round of cooling measures for the property market. Summary of the new measures Here’s a summary of the measures: 1) The holding period for Seller’s Stamp Duty (SSD) to be imposed has been increased from the current three years to four years. 2) […]