Making $1.7 Million in An En Bloc – Was it Location, Location, Location? [Reader Letter]

We received the following reader letter in response to last week’s article Scrapping the HSR – How a Past FOMO Becomes Today’s Regret. In it our regular reader K shares her experiences on property investment and her “secret” for making $1.7 million in a recent en bloc. We love to hear from you if you […]

Scrapping the HSR – How a Past FOMO Becomes Today’s Regret

By Property Soul (guest contributor) The most shocking news in recent weeks was the sudden announcement of Malaysia to terminate the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail (HSR) project. When Dr Mahathir declared that “Malaysia’s decision to scrap the HSR project is final”, his words immediately shattered the dreams of developers and home buyers who place […]

Top 10 Must-Know Home Loan Terms and Conditions

By Eugene Huang (guest contributor) Image Credit: Siri Hardeland Home loan terms and conditions can be very confusing, with lots of jargon that is difficult to understand. In this article we will go through some of the key terms that you’ll see, and help you to decode it so you know what you’re getting into when you […]

Property Prices to Double by 2030? 4 Questions on DBS Bank’s Property Report

By Property Soul (guest contributor) I read with bewilderment an article published on 16 May 2018 in Today titled “New private homes to cost up to S$2,900 psf on average by 2030: DBSreport”. The five projections made by two DBS property analysts on Singapore’s property projections in 2030 caught my attention: Singapore’s population to hit 6.3 million […]

Unbiased New Launch Review – Parc Botannia

By KK Tong (guest contributor) 230 units were sold at Parc Botannia in Sengkang at an average selling price of $1,270 psf during the launch weekend in November 2017. As at mid-March 2018, a total of 341 units have been sold.The touted selling point of this 735-unit project was that of having potential rental from […]

When the Next Market Crash Will Be – And 3 Ways to Prepare For It

By Property Soul (guest contributor) Someone threw the million-dollar question to me at a recent Q&A session: When will the market crash? Who knows?The answer ranges from imminent to most likely to happen in these two to three years. All markets have cycles, ups and downs, booms and busts, peaks and bottoms. Nothing can escape […]

Conversation with a Veteran Valuer

By Alan Chua (guest contributor) When you think of property valuations in Singapore, the name David Ng comes to mind. As a veteran valuer, he has come a long way in the local real estate scene. To many of us, the word ‘valuation’ is commonly associated with properties, be it residential, commercial or industrial. Yet […]

How the 4% Buyer’s Stamp Duty Made Speculators Look Foolish – Again

By Property Soul (guest contributor) The recent Singapore Budget 2018 had only bad news for the property industry.The top marginal Buyer’s Stamp Duty (BSD) rate was raised from 3 to 4 percent for residential properties valued over $1 million. The revised rate is effective immediately on or after 20 February 2018. The Finance Minister explained […]

Cluster Housing – the Best of Both Worlds?

By KK Tong (guest contributor) Should you buy a condominium, or a landed property? When shopping for private property, buyers may well be torn between these two choices. In Singapore, landed housing is deemed more “elite” as statistics from 2016 show that there are only 75,603 units of landed housing as compared to 301,674 units […]

5 Lessons from Hong Kong’s Property Godfather After 40 Years in the Market

By Property Soul(guest contributor) I was in Hong Kong during Chinese New Year. With 92 percent of the population being Chinese, everyone was taking a break during the public holiday. Not for the property agents. Some agency branches even opened on the first day of Chinese New Year. One of them was Centaline Property Agency (中原地產), a […]