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What Do the Experts Know About Profitable Singapore Property Investing That You Don’t?

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If you look at the list of the Forbes 40 richest people in Singapore, you will see many who made their fortunes developing and investing in real estate. Or just look around you – the average Singaporean’s wealth probably comes more from the appreciation of his HDB flat or private property than from any other asset.

My point? Based on my experience and what I have observed, investing in property is the most common way for the average person to build up a significant amount of wealth.

But isn’t it risky to invest in property now?

In the current environment where the government has announced multiple rounds of measures to control the market and prevent rapid price increases, it might feel like a very risky thing to buy a property.

Wise investors will look at this situation from a different perspective: For long term investors, the next one to two years is likely to present you with a golden opportunity to pick up a good property at a low price and make a lot of money.

Yes, buying a property can be risky, and the best way to manage that risk is to be prudent when you are buying, to do proper research on what you buy, and to learn as much as you can about property investing.

Here’s what our readers are saying…
“I have read many Singapore property investment books out there in the market. The insights shared in Secrets of Singapore Property Gurus can potentially save you thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Essential reading for anyone looking to purchase private properties for own stay or investment.” – Tan Shei Wah

Where to find trustworthy knowledge

The problem I’ve found is that there are very few good and objective sources of information out there to help the budding Singapore property investor. While a good property agent is certainly helpful, a smart investor cannot rely solely on what an agent says as he has an inherent conflict of interest – his goal is to get you to transact, as that is how he earns his money. That might explain the amusing phenomenon of how many in the industry will say that it is always a “good time” to buy whether prices are going up or down.

That was one of the main reasons why I started, to help you understand the Singapore property market and make better buying, selling, renting and investing decisions – minus all the hype and misinformation. You can find most of the basic knowledge you need to get started there. This new book takes it up a notch!

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Everything you need to know for a lifetime of real estate wealth building

To write this book, I went out and interviewed the top Singapore property experts, bringing to you their (and my own) invaluable insights on how to make your fortune investing in real estate. It would cost thousands of dollars to get just one of these experts to consult with you on your property purchase – if you could even get access to them.

Secrets of Singapore Property GurusSecrets of Singapore Property Gurus is organized into five sections to match the specializations of these experts:

• Profitable investment strategies for today’s market

• Finding your ideal investment property

• Smart property financing

• Avoiding legal pitfalls and other mistakes

• How to make millions from en bloc sales

I am amazed by how generously they have shared what they know, and truly believe that you will become a better investor and profit greatly if you listen carefully and learn heartily.

The 188 pages of Secrets of Singapore Property Gurus are packed with expert knowledge and life changing wisdom.
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Learn directly from the property pros

Here are the experts you’ll be hearing directly from in Secrets of Singapore Property Gurus:

Featured ExpertsWhat exactly will you learn in this book?

The book is split into five sections:

1) Profitable investment strategies for today’s market

Rayney Wong, Lawyer, Property Investor and Bestseller Author (Secrets of Property Millionaires) and Getty Goh, Director of Ascendant Assets (author of Buy Bye Property and Buy Right Property) share with you:

  • Investment strategies for the current environment
  • How to time your entry in the Singapore property market
  • The benefits of forming a company as an investment vehicle
  • Reasons to enter into a property sharing agreement
  • “Must do” property buying due diligence
  • Do residential or non-residential properties make better investments?
  • How to flip a Singapore property for a quick profit
  • Two key trends that will drive the property market
  • Whether new or resale properties are better investments
  • Do residential or non-residential properties make better investments?
  • How interest rates affect property prices
  • Are leasehold or freehold properties better investments?

2) Finding your ideal investment property

Mohamed Ismail, CEO of PropNex Realty, Steve Melhuish, CEO of Allproperty Media (owner of, and Kelvin Fong, Team Leader of Powerful Negotiators (leading over 1,000 agents with a 12% share of the private resale market in 2009) will share:

  • Trends they’re seeing in the market
  • Impact of the fourth round of measures and forecast for 2011
  • How to find a good and reliable real estate agent
  • The biggest mistakes Singapore property investors and novices make
  • The most promising areas and projects for Singapore property investors
  • Should you buy an HDB flat or private property?
  • Should you do an Addition & Alteration (A&A) or demolish and rebuild a landed property?
  • Investing in commercial property
  • The best way to find an attractive property to buy
  • Asian commercial property market outlook
  • Should buyers go ahead with their purchase despite the measures?
  • Should sellers sell their property now or keep holding on?
  • How to make money in Singapore property
  • Negotiating tactics for buyers
  • How owners can maximize their selling price
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3) Smart property financing

Dennis Ng, Director of Leverage Holdings (author of Mastering Your Personal Finance and Why is Money Always Not Enough?) and Alfred Chia, CEO of SingCapital share with you:

  • Are banks still willing to do property lending?
  • Is it easier to get rich investing in stocks or properties?
  • Their top Singapore property financing (and refinancing) tips
  • How quickly should property owners pay off their loans?
  • Should you get home and mortgage insurance?
  • The worst and greatest property investments
  • Long term outlook on property in Singapore
  • The importance of proper asset allocation
  • When should you take a home equity loan?

4) Avoiding legal pitfalls and other mistakes

Top lawyers Amolat Singh, Partner at Amolat & Partners, and Mark Chua, Partner and Head of Property Law at Tito Isaac & Co LLP share with you:

  • What a conveyancing lawyer does and how to find a good one
  • Potential pitfalls of entering into a property sharing agreement
  • What a landlord should do to protect his interests before renting to a tenant
  • Singapore property horror stories (and how to avoid them)
  • Does the purchase process differ for residential, retail, office and industrial properties?
  • What an investor should check before committing to a property purchase
  • How the recent government measures have affected Singapore property financing
  • When the IRAS may label you as a “property trader”

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5) How to make millions from en bloc sales

Karamjit Singh, Managing Director of Credo Real Estate (31% market share of collective sales in 2010 and concluded over 60 en bloc sales including the largest, Farrer Court, for $1.3388 billion) and Dillon Loi, Master Trainer at Real Estate Academy (and author of Singapore Real Estate Sale and Investment Handbook) share with you:

  • Outlook for en bloc sales in Singapore
  • Should investors focus on en bloc properties?
  • How the en bloc process works
  • How to find properties with en bloc potential
  • Top reasons why most en bloc deals fail
  • Economic conditions needed for the en bloc market to take off
  • How changes in legislation will affect the prospects for an en bloc sale
  • Where the next wave of en bloc is likely to happen
  • Are commercial properties attractive en bloc targets?
  • Real estate versus other investment products

Finally at the end of the book I also share my thoughts with you on:

  • Is Singapore property a good investment?
  • Downsides of investing in Singapore property
  • What the smart investor does
  • Can you afford to make a mistake in property investing?
  • Investing Under the Shadow of Government Measures
  • Advice for those just starting out
  • Making the leap to becoming a property investor

Another reader review
“I would like to applaud you for coming up with such a book which covers the secrets and tips of some of the successful Singapore property investors. I believe many novice investors will benefit a lot from reading and applying some of the tips shared by the gurus.” – Woo Chee Hoe

*Special bonus* for buyers of Secrets of Singapore Property Gurus

I’ve put together an exclusive report only for buyers of this book, in which I cover:

  • How to verify who the true owners of a property are and compute your Singapore property tax (you should do this before you hand over your 1% downpayment cheque!)
  • How to get paid when you take up a new loan or refinance your existing loan (get free advice and cash back – this tip is worth 10x the price of the book)

Honestly, I can’t think of another resource out there that teaches you all the points above about Singapore property at such a low price. Can you?

Have questions or not sure if this book is right for you? Email me at

To wisdom and beyond,

Mr. Propwise

NEW: Get the Secrets of Singapore Property Gurus e-book for FREE when you sign up for a membership. Limited time only. Click here to learn more

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Buy NowSecrets of Singapore Property Gurus review by Lifestyle Magazine

Secrets of Singapore Property Gurus review

Secrets of Singapore Property Gurus review by Lifestyle magazine