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By Mr. Propwise Our article last week on What the Raised Income Ceiling Means for the Property Market by Dennis Ng resulted in quite a few comments from our readers. Our readers correctly pointed out that there was no raising of income ceiling for the purchase of resale flats, but only to qualify for the […]

What the Raised Income Ceiling Means For the Property Market

By Dennis Ng (guest contributor) The news was expected as the then Minister for National Development (Mr. Mah) had mentioned in the run-up to General Elections in May 2011 that the income ceiling for HDB flats would be increased. The changes announced by Prime Minister Lee during National Day Rally on Sunday night 14 Aug 2011 […]

Can new HDB flats be cheaper?

By Getty Goh (guest contributor) In Singapore’s recent General Elections in May 2011, various issues on public housing were raised (i.e. the long waiting time as well as the high prices). As the topic on public housing is something very close to many Singaporeans’ hearts, I thought it would be relevant to write an article about […]

What's Wrong with HDB Prices?

By 8percentpa (guest contributor) So HDB prices are not overly expensive but everybody blames our Govt for the pitiful state of things. Now new couples cannot afford HDB, not to mention low and middle income families, old folks, the disadvantaged. If they cannot afford HDB, where are they going to live? How are they going […]

Ask Mr. Propwise #5 - Sell HDB to buy a private property for investment?

Have a question about Singapore property? Ask Mr. Propwise (AMP)! Dear Mr. Propwise, I would like to seek your views on one of my property investment decisions. Some experts think private properties are better investments than HDB flats. I currently own a HDB flat (for own stay) and a private property. I have the intention to […]

Four DBSS projects to watch in 2011

The following article is by the folks at, a property news and classifieds site. Our obsession with lists compelled us to put together this piece, which we hope might help some of you in your hunt to find the perfect DBSS flat as your first home. Following The Peak @ Toa Payoh (2009), four […]

HDB blocks

Originally published in Today, this article is posted here with the kind permission of the author Ku Swee Yong (guest contributor), founder of real estate agency International Property Advisor, which provides services to high net worth individuals. UPDATE: On 13 Jan 2011 the government announced a fourth round of policy measures. Read the summary and […]

Mr. Propwise

Have a question about Singapore property? Ask Mr. Propwise (AMP)! Hi Mr Propwise, Need your expert advice on financing a resale flat, which we are planning to buy at $650,000. At this point where interest rates for bank loans are at rock bottom, does it still make sense to be taking a HDB loan to […]

HDB blocks

From the comments from my last article on the Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in Singapore, it seems many readers felt it would be useful to look at the most affordable choices instead. I have thus compiled this list of the 10 most affordable homes currently on the market in Singapore. As with the last […]

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Have a question about Singapore property? Ask Mr. Propwise (AMP)! Dear Mr. Propwise, My husband and I have booked a 4-room unit under the HDB BTO scheme recently, and the estimated completion date is September 2015. But our wedding is scheduled in June 2011, so we were thinking of buying or renting a 3 room […]