(Reference: www.hdb.gov.sgwww.subcourts.gov.sg)

For renting of an HDB flat, you have to apply for rental approval or renewal (this can be done online) before you lease the unit, and after meeting the Minimum Occupation Period (MOP).

If the unit is not approved for rental renewal and the Tenants have to move out, the Landlord has to refund the deposit as well as the pro-rated rent already paid by the Tenant.

If there is any dispute during the process, the Tenant or Landlord can lodge the case withthe Small Claims Tribunal. The Tenancy Agreement (TA) would become evidence for such disputes.

At the point of this writing, PR flat owners are not allowed to rent out their whole HDB flat. Singaporeans are only allowed to after fulfilling the MOP.

  • To rent to Singaporeans, the approval is granted for three years per application with no cap on the number of renewals and the total period of subletting.
  • To rent to non-Singaporeans, the approval will be granted for one and a half years per application and the extension will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. It will be granted only if there are extenuating reasons. The total period of subletting during the flat owners’ entire duration of the flat ownership is capped at five years.

The regulations are constantly changing – for the latest please check the HDB website here.

By Eileen Tan and Ui Wei Teck, property investors and authors of Enjoying Mid-Life Without Crisis. This tip and dozens more are from their book.

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