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If you’re interested in profitable property investment, you’d want to know the best time to enter and exit the market; the most attractive areas and projects to invest in; whether to buy residential or non-residential, freehold or leasehold, landed or non-landed… and you’d have many more such questions.

The problem I’ve found is that there are very few good and objective sources of information available to help property investors make good decisions. Just reading news reports can be very confusing – one moment you hear about the record prices set at a new launch, the next you hear about the huge upcoming supply crashing prices. As one reader put it, we’re always constantly on the verge of prices going both up and down!

You also cannot (and should not) rely solely on what your property agent tells you. While there are many honest professional agents out there, let’s be realistic and say they have an inherent conflict of interest – they make their money by getting you to transact, not by helping you to make a good decision.

That was one of the main reasons why I started, a Singapore property blog dedicated to helping you understand the real estate market and make better buying, selling, renting and investing decisions. You can find most of the basic knowledge you need to get started there.

Introducing Timing the Property Market

Timing the Property Market – Invest Profitably in Singapore Real Estate By Using Market Cycles and Insights takes it up a notch by doing a deep dive into the real estate data to help property investors time their property purchases for maximum profit and minimum downside. Most of the charts and data are taken from, a web-based research and analysis membership site that covers all segments of the Singapore property market.’s goal is to help buyers and sellers make profitable investment decisions by providing them with professional-level analysis at a very reasonable cost.

This book is split into six sections covering:

• Overall Market Analysis

• Non-Landed Residential Property

• Landed Residential Property

• Residential Areas and Projects

• Commercial and Industrial Property

• Finding Attractive Property Investments

I believe that even seasoned property investors will learn a thing or two by reading this book, as I’ve not seen some of the analyses in this book done anywhere else. By timing your property investment at the right part of the cycle, you can avoid costly mistakes that could set you back years, and potentially add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your net worth.

On a personal note, I’d like to thank all readers of for your continued support over the past two years. Going forward, we have exciting plans lined up for more interesting content and also bringing on other expert voices in the property market. I sincerely hope that this site and its content have been helpful to you.

Click here to read a sample chapter and to buy the e-book version of Timing the Property Market. Published by Aktive Learning, the paperback version will be available at major bookstores by late October and retails at S$28 + GST. All subscribers will get a FREE e-book copy of this book.

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