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Dear Mr. Propwise,

What is the proportion and number of HDB, Condo and Landed houses in Singapore?



Hi L.,

Interesting question – I’m not a walking encyclopedia (though sometimes I wish I were), but I managed to do some hunting and find the figures.

Based on URA/CBRE Research data, there are a total of just over 1 million (1,087,413 to be exact) housing units in Singapore. This is broken down into 837,883 public housing (i.e. HDB) units (as of March 2009), 249,530 private housing units (as at September 2009), and 10,430 Executive Condomnium units (as at September 2009).

So public housing units make up 78% of the total, private housing 21%, and Executive Condominium units 1%.

Of the approximately 249,530 private housing units in 2009, 72% are condominiums and apartments and 28% are landed properties.

Hope this is useful – now go impress your friends and family with all these figures!


Ku Swee Yong, founder of real estate agency International Property Advisor, has kindly shared the latest numbers:


Exec Condo: 10,430 units

Landed: 69,701 units

Non-landed: 186,812 units

Total incl EC 264,764 units

As of the last HDB Annual Report, there are 890,212 units of HDB flats under management by the HDB on 31March2010.

To wisdom and beyond,

Mr. Propwise

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