Here’s issue #18 of the 5 most important Singapore property news stories for the past week (thanks to Propertyguru).

1. New expressway may devalue nearby homes

Construction zones at the North-South Expressway (NSE) could harm rents and values of nearby properties during the building phase.

2. Dragon Mansion sold in collective sale for S$130m

Dragon Mansion, an 18-storey residential development at 14 Spottiswoode Park Road, has been sold to Spottiswoode Development Pte Ltd, a joint venture (JV) company between Lian Beng Group and Centurion Properties Pte Ltd, for S$130 million.

3. Profitable director’s appeal dismissed

An application by Geraldine Nordmann, a director of Profitable Plots Pte Ltd, for the return of her passport and permission to live in Malaysia was dismissed in Singapore’s Supreme Court earlier today.

4. 1st-timers stand higher chance of getting flats

Newlyweds now stand a very high chance of getting a new flat, as the government has ramped up its construction programme and priority in treatment, said Minister of National Development, Khaw Boon Wan, on his latest blog.

5. Private home sales down 15% in October

The number of private homes sold in October fell 15 percent month-on-month to 1,387 units. Including executive condos (ECs), the volume of sales reached 1,638 units, down from 2,064 in September.

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