By KK Tong (guest contributor)

The launch of Jadescape, the former Shunfu Ville HUDC estate, took place at end September 2018. Out of 480 units launched, 300 units were sold at an average transacted price of $1,700 per sq ft. As at April 2019, a told of 398 units has been sold.
Jadescape, developed by Qingjian Realty, is a considerably large development of 1,206 residential units and 6 retail shops. It sits on a plot size of 398,114 sq ft, and TOP is slated for January 2023.

The unit types and indicative pricingin this development are:

The development has 7 towers of up to 23 storeys. There are 1206 carpark lots, 8 handicap parking lots, and 6 parking lots for the retail shops.
The main entrance is located on Shunfu Road, and there are 3 pedestrian gates, 1 on Shunfu Road and 2 on Marymount Road. Two of the pedestrian gates give direct access to a bus stop.

Figure 1: Site Plan

With its large plot size, this development comes with an impressive array of facilities. For starters, there are 2 tennis courts (new condos today usually just have 1), 2 50-metre pools for swimming, 2 karaoke rooms, a games room, as well as ponds, pavilions, and gardens spread out over the development. The other usual facilities are the sauna, the gym, aqua gym, and 2 sky terraces on the 13th level of Blocks 10 and 12. Pretty impressive.
The development also offers Gold Standard 1-bedroom units with elderly-friendly features like anti-slip tiles in the bathrooms. These units will definitely appeal to the slightly older group or those in their golden years.

Thoughts from Show Flat Visit

Figure 2: Floor Plan of Type B2(2 Bedroom)

This 2-bedroom unit is 764 sq ft. and has a squarish layout with a longish kitchen. The entrance is via the kitchen, rather typical of designs currently.

Figure 3: Kitchen

I am not a fan of the longish kitchen as there is too much wasted floor space. The redeeming feature however is the amount of storage space which is definitely sufficient for all kinds of kitchen equipment and utensils.
The unit comes with an oven, a fridge, and a washer. All are from Smeg. A Fotile dishwasher, which can also be used to wash fruits and vegetables, is provided too.

Figure 4: Living / Dining Areas

With unit sizes being so compact nowadays, there is not much room to configure the furniture, but this particular arrangement of the furniture is reasonably neat, and the place does not look cluttered nor cramped.
The flooring for the living / dining areas is porcelain tiles. Ceiling height is 2.9m, and the space between the facing walls in the living area is an approximate 3m.

Figure 5: Master Bedroom

The master bedroom isa decent size. Flooring provided is engineered timber.

Figure 6: Balcony

The balcony is a little cosy corner where you can place a small table with a couple of chairs. Perfect for that after-dinner coffee!

Figure 7: Area Map

Amenities around the area

Jadescape is located in the vicinity of Marymount, close to Bishan and the Upper Thomson area. The triangled-plot development is flanked on two sides by Thomson Garden Estate and Shunfu Gardens. The 3rd side faces Marymount Road, a major thoroughfare.

In terms of facilities, the nearest shopping area is Thomson Plaza, about 1.2km away. It houses a NTUC Supermarket, and numerous learning centres. Alternatively, Junction 8, which is a tad further at 2km away, has a Fairprice Finest, and many cafes and restaurants. Along Upper Thomson Road, many eateries abound as well.
Schools nearby include Catholic High School, Ai Tong School, Guangyang Primary and Secondary Schools, Whitley Secondary School, and Raffles Institution.
The nearest medical facility is Mount Alvernia Hospital.

Transport is very convenient too. The distance from Jadescape to Marymount MRT Station (Circle Line) is about 350m. For drivers, Marymount Road links to Braddell Road, which is the gateway to the Central Expressway (CTE).

Positive Aspects of the Development
1. The location of the development is not congested as it is flanked by a private landed estate.
2. Jadescape is situated in the RCR (Rest of Central Region), and such developments are considered favourable because of their proximity to the Core Central Region.
3. There are many popular schools like Catholic High and Raffles Institution in the area.
4. Transport is convenient as the Marymount MRT Station is about 350 m away.

Negative Aspects of the Development
1. One side of the project is facing Marymount Road, which can be noisy as it is a major road.
2. The total number of 1206 units is rather large, and communal facilities may get crowded.
3. There could be some traffic congestion for cars getting out of the estate during peak hours due to the sheer number of units.

Some Thoughts on Units
1. Units are of a North-South orientation, so there no units facing the morning or afternoon sun.
2. Blocks 10 and 12 are the two nearest blocks to Thomson Garden Estate, which is probably quieter.
3. The distance between the pool-facing units of Blocks 2 and 10 are the furthest apart at 78m.
4. The lower floors of Blocks 2 and 4 may be noisy as these blocks overlook the tennis courts. These two blocks are also at the junction of Shunfu Road and Marymount Road.
5. Buyers may want to avoid Block 16 as it is closest to the substation and the genset.
6. Units #27, #28, #33, and #34 faces the Jalan Pintau playground, which can be noisy.
For this development, I’d probably go for #41 or #46 facing the landed properties, or a pool-facing unit in either Block 2 or Block 10.

Price Comparison

Figure 7: Location of Jadescape and Surrounding Areas

There are not many developments in this vicinity, so we will be comparing Jadescape with Tresalveo and Seasons View, two condominiums just across Marymount Road.
Tresalveo is a 176-unit freehold development completed in 2011. Seasons View is a 99-year leasehold which was completed in 2000.

Price Comparison Table (2 bedrooms)

Price Comparison Table (3 bedrooms)

Prices for Jadescape
For 2 bedroom units, I’d rather go for Tresalveo – its unit size is bigger and it’s also a freehold. The size is pretty comfortable for a 2-bedroom unit. The only setback is that the quantum price is a hefty $400,000 higher thanJadescape.

For the 3 bedroom units, there are no recent transactions at Tresalveo for comparision. Compared to Seasons view, Jadescape’spsf prices are a bit higher, but the development is a lot newer (by 22 years), so if the quantum price is affordable, I would probably buy Jadescape.

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