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Below, you will find your affiliate link that you can use to share with your friends and contacts via email, Facebook and Twitter, or publish on your web site. And when someone clicks on that link (automatically redirected to the book sales page) and purchases the digital PDF version of Secrets of Singapore Property Gurus, you earn a cool 35% commission on each sale!

By returning back to this page and logging in once you’ve sent out the link, you will also be able to check your Traffic Statistics, Earnings Details and Payment Details.

Details of our affiliate program

  • We pay a 35% commission on the sale price of every copy of the digital PDF sold via your affiliate link (e.g. based on our retail price of $28, you will get paid $9.80 per copy sold. From time to time we may have promotions and further discounts so your affiliate commission may vary).
  • You must have a Paypal account to get paid – please update your Account Details with your Paypal email below
  • Payments are made on a monthly basis
  • The cookie set via your affiliate link does not expire so you will get credited with the sale even if the visitor leaves our site and returns days, weeks or even months later

Here is your personalized affiliate link: %%AFF_LINK%%

Anyone who clicks on that link will automatically be redirected to the book sales page at

Ideas to promote your affiliate link

  1. Email your friends, contacts and mailing list about the book
  2. Add a link to the book in your email or forum posting signature
  3. Post the link on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media site you use
  4. Blog about the book – you can do a review of the book, or use extracts from the book we have specially prepared (email us at if you’d like to do this)
  5. Put up our banner ads on your web site – this is a great way to make recurring income. See below for banners you can use.
  6. Add a text link to your blogroll or website (e.g. “Secrets of Singapore Property Gurus”) – also a great way to make recurring income
  7. For property agents, you can also add a link to the book in all your property ads.

Bonus reports

You can download the bonus reports for book buyers here:

Banner ads you can use on your website

We’ll be adding more banner sizes below. Let us know if you need a custom size designed – we can do that too.

Secrets of Singapore Property Gurus 250x250 banner ad

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160x600 banner

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728x90 banner

Email template you can use to send to your email list (already populated with your affiliate link)

I’m excited to tell you about a new property book that’s just been launched.

Mr. Propwise from has gone out and interviewed the TOP property gurus on every aspect of property investing, and distilled that down into a 188 page book that is packed with their expert knowledge and wisdom.

It is titled Secrets of Singapore Property Gurus, and the e-book version (instant PDF download) is available now at: %%AFF_LINK%%

I am amazed by how generously the experts Mr. Propwise interviewed have shared what they know, and truly believe that you will become a better investor and profit greatly if you read the book and apply what you’ve learnt.

Click here to find out about and get Secrets of Singapore Property Gurus: %%AFF_LINK%%

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